Updated: May 21, 2020

Whether you’re setting up a new website for your business, or upgrading an existing one, there are certain essentials that a small website business should include for it to be effective and help your business grow.

Let’s face it the internet is full of websites that are anything but customer-friendly.

You have seconds to convince your visitors that they’ve come to the right place, inspiring them to do business with you.

From choosing a URL to Call To Actions – here are our Top 10 things, in no particular order, that every small business website needs:


An Intuitive URL


Keep your web address straightforward. Don’t go down the gimmicky route. Professional and simple is the way to go.

Users need to find it easy to type in your web address and send you an email.

We always recommend you go with your company name and if you’re based in the UK a “.co.uk” address, although we’d also advise to purchase the “.com” address, as quite often this can be typed in by accident.

We are often asked if clients should buy a “.co.uk” address if the “.com” address is already taken by anther business and vice versa? We would advise “no” just to avoid confusion as visitors may land on a site that either a) isn’t live, or b) belongs to your competitor!

Our top tip is to ensure that YOU register your own domain name. It can prove very problematic trying to track down designers who have bought a name on behalf of a client, and then are reluctant to transfer it to the new design company, or, even worse – gone out of business.


Who Are You?

What Do You Do?


First impressions count!