Is It Time Your Website Was Updated/Redesigned?

Your website is often the first point of contact for any potential client, and the importance of the quality of design and content of your site cannot be emphasised enough. After all you know what they say about "first impressions" - they count! So often I see websites launched with a big "ho ha", only then to be sadly neglected over the ensuing years.

It's not how much you spend on a website that counts, it's the quality of content and how you showcase your services and communicate with visitors.

Here are some key questions to ask yourself about your website:

When was my website last updated?

Is your website updated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis - or not since it was launched? A neglected site is not engaging or visually appealing to visitors, it turns clients off, when it should be encouraging them to pick up the phone or drop you an email. It's like having a "closed for new business" sign in a shop window. In addition, you're probably not taking advantage of seo optimisation and other elements all website should now have.

Does my website have a security certificate?

Websites that have a security certificate can be recognised as they have a padlock at the beginning of their url i.e.

Whereas an site without a security certificate is recognised as follows:

The benefits to having a security certificate are significant:

  • They help to ensure website security

  • It enhances your search engine ranking

  • Customers see you as trustworthy

  • SSL helps improve website speed

  • It helps to encrypt sensitive information

How user friendly is my site?

Can you navigate easily around your site? Are your menus logical, so that specific services can be found quickly? Do you have call to actions in all the relevant places? If you're not answering "Yes" to all these questions - you need to think about an update or redesign of your site.

Is my site "mobile responsive"?

Google are now punishing sites that are not mobile friendly, by ranking them lower down the search engine results. Did you know that mobile usage has now taken over desk top usage. That means more people are visiting your site on their mobile phones and i-pads rather than when they are sat at their desk or on their laptop.

This means that your site should be optimised for viewing on all platforms and screen sizes. If not you are probably losing out on the number of visitors to your sites, resulting in lost business.

Does my site include a "blogging" platform?

If you're not educating or informing your visitors through blogs on your website, you are missing a BIG trick. A well maintained and updated blog is the perfect way to position you and your firm/company as an expert in your field; drive traffic to your site, and in turn is great for SEO. Of course, blogs can also be pushed out through social media, and published through emails - so a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website.

Does my site use original photography and illustrations?

High quality images are key to attracting attention to your site making an emotional connection with your visitors.

If you are using stock images - please stop! Nobody wants to see models with super white teeth, they want to see real people - the people they will be doing business with.

You can also get into BIG trouble by plagerising other peoples images - so beware!

Does my site "talk" to my potential clients?

So often I see websites that are "technically" written. Do you want to know something? Your clients don't talk in that language - you are only talking to your competitors. Always, always write your content in a language that is understandable by your prospect. You're impressing nobody but yourself buy using jargon.

Does my site truly reflect the vision and mission of my business?

This is a biggie. Attraction marketing needs to be incorporated into the site. This includes the personality of your business, where you position yourself in the market place. You need to express what benefits you offer, why clients should buy from you, and what differentiates you from the competition.

At Rapport Marketing, we specialise in and are passionate about relationship marketing (hence the name "Rapport" :).

With years of experience as marketeers we understand your target market, where they hang out and how to get them engaged.


If you've not answered positively to all the above questions, perhaps it's time to consider changing your online presence in order to grow your business.

Give Ann a call on 07463 902020 or email to book a FREE website audit.

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