Is being a perfectionist limiting your productivity?

Are you a perfectionist? Do you crave order, neatness, tidiness, perfect design, perfect copy, perfect staff and a perfect business?

In business, being a perfectionist is a sure-fire route to VERY limited success.

As a perfectionist, you’ll start a piece of work (such as designing your website, preparing a proposal, or some copy, or a programme), and then after a couple of days, you’ll just ditch it.

Then you’ll get another idea, start it, and then ditch it after a few days. Essentially nothing gets done. It’s a perfect start, but nothing is ever finished. So you’ll start at point A, and NEVER get to point B. Does this sound familiar?

On the flip-side, take an imperfectionist. An imperfectionist will say “this is good enough”, and make several mistakes that they immediately learn from and use to correct their work. As a result, they end up at point B.

They’ve reached the other side.

They’ve made progress.

Working as a web designer I come across this all the time with clients:

The design has to be perfect

The content has to be written in the correct style

The site needs amazing images

And all this has to happen before the site is launched. But you know what happens - the website takes months to launch because they think everything has to be perfect before it goes live, and by then the client has lost interest in what was an exciting project, because it's taken too long and become too stressful - they've moved on....

The fact is, and I can't believe I'm saying this, keep it simple - put the facts in your website, the benefits of clients working with you, together with some good images of you and your products/services and some client testimonials!

A website should be natural and grow organically - if you launch with the end product, what's next? Google loves new content, so start with the basic premise and build on it. JUST START!

Seriously, there should be no reason why your website shouldn't be live in weeks - not months - or even years!

I'm guilty of this - as I've been redesigning the website you are on now. It's probably not complete (apologies - designing your own site is the worst!). But it's an ongoing project, I add new content every couple of days. You can get the gist of the service I offer...

At Rapport Marketing - we provide a "complete" service, so we can build your website, write the copy and arrange photographers if needed. We can see the whole picture and know how much is enough to go live with your site.

More to the point, we won't forget you if you stop talking to us - when you've hit that brick wall, and are fed up of the whole thing - we'll talk about it and work it through - ensuring you get a website that truly represents your business.

Contact us - we're always happy to chat....

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