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Where shall we start with this blog? I have now been using the WIX platform to build websites for over 3 years and boy has it come a long way in that time.

Initially marketed as a "do it yourself" web platform, using a WYSWYG drag and drop template (What you see is what you get) it now offers so much more and is so easy and intuitive to use that, in my opinion, it now outstrips the other template sites such as GoDaddy and Squarespace, BUT is also starting to give Wordpress a run for it's money in terms of features and certainly in terms of useability.

The recently launched Ascend for WIX is an all in one business solution accessible through the WIX website dashboard allowing you to:

Connect & Manage with:

Chat - chat live with your website visitors, or ask them to leave their details

Forms - customisable forms for all areas of your site

Inbox - manage all your account activity from one place - respond to emails, see online bookings, respond to chats

Contact List - keep track of your contacts and add notes and labels, so you can offer great customer service

Automations - set up triggered emails, to grow leads 24/7

Members - create membership areas, and communicate directly either with individuals or groups

Price Quotes - Create and send pricing options online - and let clients accept online

Invoices - Create and send invoices online - and let clients pay with the click of a button

Workflows - Manage projects and sales funnels and share with your team

Tasks & Reminders - Organise your todo list, set and meet deadlines


Promote & Grow with:

SEO Tools - Get found online with a personalised SEO plan. Get indexed by Google in seconds

Email Marketing - Create professional email campaigns and drive more traffic to your site

Social Posts - Reach out to your audience with stunning posts

Video Maker - Make promotional videos to share with your audience and share on Facebook & YouTube

Marketing Integrations - Instantly connect your site to Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

Coupons - Create customised discount vouchers for services and products to incentivise sales.

Now I'm not saying that it's as technically sophisticated as some of the software programmes out there, but then it's not as difficult to implement, update or use. And, of course, the beauty is that it's all in one package, no opening and closing and connecting packages to one another. AND you'll be surprised at how cost effective it is.

So, if you're considering a new website, don't discount WIX until you've investigated it's capability and value for money.

Any questions, or further information, please feel free to call me for a chat on 07463 902020, email ann.prax@rapportmarketing.co.uk or fill in a contact form.

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