About Us


Welcome to Rapport Marketing

Hi, I’m Ann, professional marketer and website designer. I’m a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and a Wix Partner.


With Rapport Marketing, my purpose is to help SMEs raise their visibility and market themselves through their websites as effectively as possible.


Rapport’s website design and marketing services are designed to do this, with a joined-up approach to marketing strategy, which also includes client relationship management (CRM) and email marketing.


I specialise in Wix Websites, which give SMEs a straightforward but highly effective entry into building an online presence.


My approach is personal, because I understand that each business is different, and each business owner will have their own, individual view of what they need.


I aim to provide the kind of clarity that will transform their vision and aspirations into something tangible and practical.


Why Wix?


Wix is a fast, efficient means of creating websites that offers plenty of individual options as a comprehensive creative, web-building solution.


This cloud-based software comes with various business and online management tools, including SEO and analytics.


It is especially good for building websites that optimise the user experience (UX).


This aspect of business websites is critical in attracting traffic and, importantly, keeping it there.


Wix is versatile in what it can offer, and it continues to refine and develop its features. As an official Wix Partner, I get direct access to Wix developers, have a voice on development roundtable discussions, and I beta test new Wix features.


This puts me in the perfect position to help find the most dynamic, appropriate and cost-effective web solutions for my clients.



Marketing Experience Matters


Website design is not just about what you see on your screen. In fact, this is just the visual expression of a detailed marketing strategy.


Websites are tools for businesses. They are the means for achieving key marketing and business development objectives.


Sure, you want your site to look good, and to represent your brand. But it should also be a dynamic marketing tool that works on your behalf, reaching out to potential customers and attracting the audiences you are looking for.


Let’s talk about your business and what you need. I won’t give you the hard sell, but I will try and get to the bottom of what your business is about, so that I can help it thrive online.